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All great things have small beginnings

SUKRA-TeamIn 1977, when SUKRA was founded with five employees, nobody knew how rapidly the company would develop in the coming years.

In 1985, the growing number of employees and machines made the move to a new building necessary.


Sukra: A success story

In more than thirty years since its founding, SUKRA has successfully established itself in the market, and today is the largest and most efficient manufacturer in the area of support rails for centreless circular grinding machines. Our straight edges are manufactured in a great variety of designs out of carbide tipped with polycrystalline diamonds (PCD), and precision ground.


Know-how and technology

With the help of our modern machinery, we develop prototypes and tools for the ball bearing and machine building industries according to customer requirements. Our specialisation in all kinds of expendable tools made with hard materials significantly increases their service life and also helps our customers to increase their efficiency and profitability. Our organisation and quality assurance system meets the highest standards in order to ensure optimal results.